Banking & Financial Sectors

With the ever increasing complexity in the banking and financial industry, we get the rare opportunity to share the message and information with the target audience in a controlled environment. People standing in queue in Banks or ATMs have nothing to do but look around for something interesting and informative. Banks used Cloud Play digital signage to provide information to customers about their services and promotions within the branch or ATMs, which can be used as a form of entertainment. This will help in decreasing perceived wait time and ensuring consistent corporate communication. Install Cloud Play digital signage near to waiting areas, information centre, behind ATMs and Kiosk

Retail Sectors

Retail industries have been moving towards digital signage promotions from paper-based point of purchase promotions. Digital signage provides great information regarding the offers and promotions for various products and also helps in displaying content. Cloud play digital displays can also be turned into an additional revenue stream. The rationale behind this is that retailers and vendors are now realizing that in-store digital signage network can significantly increase category sales, product sales, merchandising revenues, and brand awareness while improving the overall store ambience.

Hospitality Sectors

The hospitality sector is very particular about every aesthetic they have in the premises. Hospitality sector use digital signage to provide restaurant reservation, directions and activity schedules, and reservation list for hotel guest. They have their guests on top of their priority list, ergo they do everything in their hands to make them feel home. Cloud Play digital signage can be very instrumental in helping the hotels maintain their standards by presenting or playing videos that suit the air inside.

Educational Sectors

Generally students are bombarded with huge information daily and because of that critical message could go unnoticed without the proper incentives. The education sector has given us a lot and is still striving to bring about the necessary changes in the society. Digital signage is here to help them build a glorious future, and Cloud Play will make sure they have what they need to teach our future generation.

Entertainment Sectors

Entertainment venues are highly crowed with people who are looking for different areas of interest such as daily activities, ticket reservation, elevators, bathrooms, restaurants, pools, spas, meeting rooms etc. With so many people in one place, they need first direction that will easily step them to their desired destination. Sports arena, movie theater, amusement parks, casinos, museum and other types of public entertainment venues can benefit from the unique opportunity of Cloud play digital signage that allow them to advertise, engage and communicate more efficiently with the target customers.

Healthcare Sectors

Today when the world is completely dependent on the internet, the healthcare sector is also making good use of it. Ideal for waiting rooms, lobbies, training facilities, cloud Play digital signage can be deployed throughout the community from one central location. Facilities like hospitals, clinics and drug stores often see the need of screens and display signage to educate people about health-related matter. Cloud Play helps them configure, create and play motivational and insightful videos, weather and graphics for the people visiting.

Corporate Sectors

Companies organizing frequent events and presentations are always in need of fast and efficient displays and screens to promote their products and that is when we come into picture. Our agile product and smart solutions are here to make life easier. Cloud Play corporate digital displays can also be turned into an additional revenue stream where you can sell advertising space across the network of screens and then use your network to tell the team all about it. Cloud Play digital signage makes it easy to communicate in a way that really grabs client attention.

Government Sectors

Just like corporates and private firms, government organizations also look for similar services when they want to promote their goods and services. Cloud Play brings about the desired outcome when it comes to promotional or educational presentations. Using Cloud Play easy-to-use interface, government people can efficiently manage information displays in public areas and throughout government buildings, pointing visitors in the right direction.

Advertising Sectors

The advertising industry has benefited greatly from digital technologies. Take digital displays, for example. Digital display and LED Billboard advertising (also known as digital-out-of-home, or DOOH) are used by more advertisers and brand owners than ever before, and their popularity is on the rise. Cloud Play outdoor digital signage becomes a must when you target audiences in specific events. This modern communication support enables content rotations, animations, the display of content based on rules and media sophisticated strategy. Digital display in the advertising industry is worth the investment; however, ads have to be well crafted to be effective.




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