CLOUD PLAY. Transforming to a digital platform

What is Cloud Play

A smart and flexible platform

Cloud play signage is one of the most comprehensive and convenient digital tool. It helps in creating, managing your playlist which you can use to control one screen or many from anywhere in the world, making the world an informed place. Cloud play can help you to promote your product so that you can easily reach to your target audience.

Cloud Play Features

Getting beautiful content onto screens shouldn’t be difficult

Cloud play helps you to create, modify, consign, and most importantly play your content from anywhere and at any time. It is a digital signage shift that touches many aspects of your business. No more investing your precious time and money on exorbitant media players and hardware to display your content. Cloud play understands your needs and ensures everything is taken care while you walk towards success.

Centrally Managed System

This allows the user the power and flexibility to control many digital displays from one central location.

Manage Location & Displays

This allows the user to define the location which can be grouped. Templates can be designed for each group of displays.

Flexible Playlist

Playlist can be easily created on real-time based on the location or grouping requirement with rich multimedia content.

Powerful Scheduler

Scheduling of a playlist with dynamic content on real-time can be done on the basis of date, time and location.

Online & Offline mode

Cloud play can be operated on both online cloud support module and also through offline mode such as a pen drive.

Multiple Resolution

Once powered on, the devices can support various resolution LFDs, Normal HDMI Displays, LCD displays, Video Walls.

Robust Security

Robust security is administration access is provided for the system to allow only authorized user to access the system.

Easy Installation

Once out of the box, device can be easily installed and configured as per the need. It’s a simple plug and play concept.

How Cloud Play works?

Connect all the dots with one powerful technology

Let's get started in seconds...


Unbox the Package

A completely out-of-the-box concept, All you need is to switch on the display.



Configure the displays with the software. It can be grouped as per your need and can be connected to any internet connection.


Create your playlist

Select your content and create playlist and schedule it as required.


Send your Playlist

Send your playlist to the cloud


Congratulations !

Now that your playlist is ready, you can play it on all your displays.


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